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Film Forres Presents! is the part of Film Forres we’ve set up to organise cinema experiences for our wider local audience. The idea is to offer screenings where movie-lovers can have a whole evening’s entertainment: a movie, some food and be able to enjoy a drink. Much more than just a trip to the cinema. And at a reasonable price.

Our first film, Bohemian Rhapsody was shown on the 16th March and we’ve now had A Star Is Born and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid taking  us to the June 2019. Over the summer 2019, we developed this into a regular slot, once a month, on the 3rd Saturday. Every other month, we aim to make the film night an ‘extravaganza’ with added extras on the theme of the film we show and fun twists on a night at the movies.

A new programme for the year ahead is already in preparation. The HOME page now has all Film Forres screenings up to October (including the Friday Kids’ nights). We’ve also introduced special screenings and our next offering Her is one of these, in collaboration with Glasgow School of art’s Innovation School. We are planning three trial matinee screenings for older people, the first of these will be The Ladykillers (1955 version with Sir Alec Guinness). 

Because the Film Forres Presents! nights are ‘bring your own bottle’, we advertise them as strictly over 18s only. 

For our earlier screenings, we issued tickets in advance so people could buy early and guarantee a seat and sold any remaining on the night. That meant, provided we didn’t sell out early, it was still possible for people to come on the night and pay on the door.

For future showings, at least during 2019-2020, we’ve dispensed with ticketed entry,having found that most folk prefer to arrive on the night and just pay on the door. Making tickets for sale in advance will only be needed, we think, when we can predict a big audience. Bohemian Rhapsody was a very special night and extremely well-attended. Normally, we expect to get a smaller audience that we can easily accommodate. 

Also, after our opening screenings earlier in the year, we’ve decided to set the entry price at £5. It works for us and for everyone else, we hope. 

As ever, we’re always open to suggestions for choice of films.  Remember our Western themed night… We did a show of hands. Top of the poll was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We went on to screen it and a great night was had by all!


We’re still working on our membership scheme. What we have at the moment this is simply lets us know how many people support what we do and helps with funding applications and the like. At A Star Is Born, we allocated membership on the basis of ticket number and asked for very basic contact details. We’ll use these contact details to email with updates and news of forthcoming showings. We won’t of course, use the information for anything other than our membership record and contacting you from time to time about Film Forres events and activities. We issued individual membership cards with your number. 

We’re working on ways to make membership more than just a mailing list, maybe with a few more perks added to make cinema nights even more interesting. If you have any ideas, of course, just let us know. Go to the contact page…

Below is the picture gallery of images from our first night with Bohemian Rhapsody.

We’re open to suggestions for similar themed nights that might work for teenage audiences or even ideas for screenings (with or without entertainment and food) that would suit other groups in the area. You can email us with ideas at or complete the form on our contact page….

Find us on Facebook – HERE.