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Film Forres Presents! is the part of Film Forres we’ve set up to organise cinema experiences for our wider local audience. The idea is to offer screenings where movie-lovers can have a whole evening’s entertainment: a movie, some food and be able to enjoy a drink. Much more than just a trip to the cinema. And at a reasonable price.

We’re keen to develop this into a regular slot, once a month. The first film, Bohemian Rhapsody was shown on the 16th March (more will follow). Because these nights are ‘bring your own bottle’, they must be strictly over 18s only. There’s a picture gallery of the event at the end of the page. There were a lot of false moustaches!

Our next screening – A Star Is Born – was on Saturday 13th April. We introduced tickets* so people could buy in advance and guarantee a seat and sold any remaining on the night. That meant, provided we didn’t sell out early, it was still possible for people to come on the night and pay on the door.

For our forthcoming show, we conducted a straw poll on a film choice to fit its Western theme. We did a show of hands. Top of the poll on the night was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We’ll confirm the film choice in a few days time along with more details and a specific date.


*Note about tickets:

When we say ‘tickets only’, it means any not sold in advance will be available ‘on the door’. The price is currently £6 in either case. Also, tickets work instead of the hand stamp we used last time – to let people leave and come back in.


We also have a membership scheme. At the moment this is simply to let us show how many people support what we do. It helps with funding applications and the like. At A Star Is Born, we allocated membership on the basis of ticket number and asked for very basic contact details. We won’t of course, use that information for anything other than our membership record and contacting you from time to time about Film Forres events and activities. We issued individual membership cards with your number. By the way, a few were left after the A Star Is Born night. We collected them up and, next time you buy a ticket we can reissue on the door when you come along.

Below is the picture gallery of images from our first night with Bohemian Rhapsody.

We’re open to suggestions for similar themed nights that might work for teenage audiences or even ideas for screenings (with or without entertainment and food) that would suit other groups in the area. You can email us with ideas at

Find us on Facebook – HERE.