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Creative Scotland Award

Further System Improvements

We’re also proud to announce that we’ve been awarded £13,000 from Creative Scotland’s Cinema Equipment Fund. Some of this we’ll use to improve the sound in the main hall through a combination of soundproofing measures and additional audio equipment.

Our plan is to improve projection by relocating the projector to the back wall of the balcony. This move requires a higher-specification projector but will make the balcony available to audiences. You might remember we tested a projector like this for A Star Is Born. Those who viewed from the balcony found it to be a quieter viewing location with good sound quality.

We’ll also augment our audio with supplementary speakers and additional amplification. This is meant to be portable and will give us kit which can be used at external venues or in smaller rooms in the Town Hall. We’ll also integrate it with our main system to improve sound under the balcony. We’ll also collaborate with FACT in acquiring sound proofing to reduce the amount of reflected sound – which will again improve clarity.

Film Forres said to Creative Scotland: 

“Receiving funding to upgrade our film projection equipment is a huge benefit. It means we’ll now be able to fully develop our new ‘Film Forres Presents!’ programme of screenings for more age-groups in the community: over 18s, retired and older people, plus special collaborations with interest groups such as students, local theatre groups and campaigners. It adds to what we already do for under-16s during school terms. we will also introduce a new summer programme for that age group next year.”