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A Star WAS Born!

It was great to see everyone rock up to A Star Is Born – another brilliant night. Fantastic to see so many returning for a second instalment. Once again, we’ve had lots of positive feedback. 

 Last night we also introduced our membership scheme. As Bob explained before the movie, having a membership helps us keep in touch with you on future programmes as well as helping us access funding for future developments. Lots of bodies who will help fund things like community cinema like (or expect) to see how the community engages with a project and how they benefit from it. We’ll have more on the site about how this works in a little while.

As well as explaining the above and drawing the raffle Bob also conducted a straw poll on the film choice for our next (Western-themed) show. We did a show of hands.

Top of the list on the night was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. What’s not to like? Classic western with guns, romance a memorable song with cycling. Plus, everyone agrees Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Katharine Ross are all:

a) good-looking;
b) charismatic;
c) brilliant actors
[select all that apply].

We’ll confirm the film choice in a few days time along with more details and a specific date.

We’re keen to get your ideas for films to show or particular themes for future screenings.

As ever, you can email us on with suggestions or use the Suggest A Film tab (under Contact) to send us your thoughts direct through the website.

Bohemian Night Success

I think we can declare the film night a success. We’ve had lots of great feedback plus a few pointers on how to make the next show even better. We’re keen to get your ideas for films to show or particular themes for future screenings.

You can email us on with suggestions or use the Suggest A Film tab (under Contact) to send us your thoughts direct through the website.

Just for fun – here’s the Bohemian Rhapsody picture gallery. Enjoy!

Film Forres Presents!

Film Forres Presents! is the part of Film Forres we’ve set up to organise ‘Film & Nibbles’ cinema experiences for our wider local audience. The idea is to offer screenings where movie-lovers can have a whole evening’s entertainment: a movie, some food and be able to enjoy a drink. Much more than just a trip to the cinema. And at a reasonable price.

We’re keen to develop this into a regular slot, once a month. The first film, Bohemian Rhapsody is coming on the 16th March with more to follow. Because it’s ‘bring your own bottle’, it’s strictly over 18s only.

However, we’re open to suggestions for similar themed nights that might work for teenage audiences or even ideas for screenings (with or without entertainment and food) that would suit other groups in the area.

(Currently this information is cross-posted on our static Film Forres Presents! page.)

Find us on Facebook – HERE.

Film Forres – We’re Still Here!

After the usual summer break – and an autumn of discussion – Film Forres is planning for the future.

Next Film Night – 14th December 2018*

First of all, we’re working toward have a first film night of a new Film Forres season on the 14th. The film is still to be decided and several of us are working behind the scenes after Margaret stood down to get everything in place for more film nights.

*dates are still provisional – until we publish the full programme and circulate posters. 

Watch this space!

A bit more background…

We’ve been in discussion with Forres Area Community Trust (FACT) to have them take over the administration of the projection equipment so that it can be used more effectively by Film Forres as well as other groups. We’re also looking at how Film Forres can use the equipment to show films to different audiences in Forres. We’ve discovered interest from quite a few parts of our community – for example, older people, those interested in art-house, historic or documentary films. We think there may also be a potential use for theme nights showing films alongside related entertainment and refreshments.

We’ll put out more information as things develop but, at the same time, we’re open to ideas. We’re also (of course) keen to find more volunteers to help with every aspect of what we do. We need people ‘front of house’ who might help with the film nights themselves, organising the hall, looking after the audience, providing the refreshments. We also want to build up a group of volunteers to assist with the technical side: people willing to learn and run the projection equipment, people who might help us publicise film nights and other events, say, on our Facebook page or on this website.

For all ideas or offers of help, just use the contact form.

Membership 2017 – 2018

We have had to increase membership donation to £1 for all ages due to increased Hall let costs as we made £400+ loss last season. New membership cards will be issued on the night. On the last film night there will be a prize draw for the young people and adults who have attended the most film nights.