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Our Film Facilities

The Film Forres set-up in the Town Hall features an on-stage retractable screen, surround sound and a balcony-mounted projector. This is capable of showing films in high-definition with the type of sound quality today’s film audiences have come to expect.

Cinema screen going up

The screen being installed

Although this community cinema came about to provide a good quality local venue for young people, it is a multimedia facility and can be used for different types of event. There has already been interest from local groups, many of whom already use the Town Hall for meetings and activities. Varis Players, Forres Camera Club and the organisers of Moray Film Festival have already expressed interest in using the projection facility. Other groups are also thinking about how they could use it too.

The screen in action during installation

As well as showing films through the DVD player, the projector can show films or still slide shows from simple USB storage devices. It can project from a laptop or PC running Powerpoint or other presentations. It can accept audio input from other devices including audio mixing equipment. It will even show live video from a camera connected into the system.

Projector projecting

The projector

All of this means that the facility can be used to enhance performances, run presentations, support large meetings or conferences. It has the potential to benefit many people and groups in the local community. If anyone is interested, please get in touch using the form on the Contact page.