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Film Forres is a community-based interest group which sets out to promote a range of community film activities for the Forres area. These include: film screenings for different age-groups (currently under-18s and over-18s, providing use of the film equipment to other groups for screenings, performance and related activities.

In late 2018, after Margaret Cowie, the group chair, retired, Film Forres looked for a wider involvement from people interested in film, its community promotion and the social and educational potential it could offer. By December, we had reviewed our vision for the future and committed to continuing the film nights for young people while developing cinema experiences for older audiences, upgrading the equipment to current standards of quality and increasing community involvement in screenings and in film education for younger people.

Film Forres now has a revised Constitution and we’re working through the website to get everything here up to date. So far we have a new User Agreement and updated online booking forms.

In the year since November 2018, we’ve continued our Friday night showings for younger people and added Film Forres Presents! – our initiative for older audiences. We wanted to create something more than just a movie night. We figured in today’s world of Amazon Prime and Netflix, its very easy just to watch a film.  We wanted to make it more of a community event. So we decided to set up the hall with cabaret-style seating and a ‘bring-your-own-bottle’ invitation so people could enjoy a good film in company of others from the community and with a glass of beer or wine to mellow the atmosphere. We also set out to include added extras to make some of these nights proper extravaganzas with twists reflecting the theme of whatever movie we’re showing.

For example, when we screened Bohemian Rhapsody (the first in our new offering), we included a buffet, false moustaches and Queens Greatest Hits. For A Star is Born, we continued to have a soundtrack and visuals in the hour before screening. After a straw poll anticipating a Western Night we showed Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with saloon bar photo opportunities, old west fancy dress, live C&W music and a bicycle.

We’re now finalising a programme for the year ahead (three months ahead in detail on the Home Page). Latest initiatives are special screenings for local groups. The first of these is Her, a collaboration with Glasgow School of Art Innovation School based at Altyre Estate. This screening offers interested audience members the opportunity to discuss aspects of the film’s themes (around gender and AI) after the showing. We’re also finalising a programme for older people (supported by the Auchernack Trust). The first film in this short series will be the 1955 version of The Ladykillers starring Alec Guinness screening on the 18th September.

Read more about how Film Forres began (in 2010) – History