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Here is a brief background to the Film Forres project, taken from our report to Moray Council in 2010.

There are many activities in Forres for young people under the age of 11 including football, badminton, athletics, martial arts, youth clubs, to name a few. However large numbers of young people in their teens still feel ‘there is nothing to do’.

As most young people enjoy films and going to the cinema it seemed the logical next step to providing an activity that would be all inclusive.

In October 2007, Margaret Cowie, one of our Community Wardens, organised a Community Initiative to reduce anti social behaviour on Friday evenings in Forres.  The Town Hall was chosen as a suitable building to use for a Cinema as it is spacious enough to hold large numbers and could be hired for a minimal cost.  The Community Council were approached and, since October 2007, have funded all the lets.  The annual Film Licence for Public Viewing, (Filmbank PSVL), is funded by the Community Initiative Fund, through Grampian Police and Moray Council.  The equipment used at that time was a projector belonging to Grampian Police and laptop and speakers provided by Margaret Cowie.

In 2007/08 October to March films were shown once a month with a maximum of 25 attending.  This increased to twice a month 2008/09 due to demand with the addition of two showings for the different age groups.  The maximum attending for both films was 64.  The numbers continued to rise and for October to March 2009/10 saw the largest single audience of 73 and combined audience for two films 83 (charts included).  October to April 2010 to 2011 still ongoing.

It is encouraging that several young people attending are or have been involved in anti social behaviour and are choosing to come to an organised activity instead.  Young people are now regularly asking when the next film shows are and have given very positive feedback (look at the quotes on the bottom of this page).

In 2009 a survey carried out at Forres Academy with 608 pupils has shown 86% would like a permanent cinema in the town.

On 24 March 2010 we formed the FILM FORRES committee to progress an upgrade to the facility. Film Shows continued in their existing format until we could buy and install an on-stage retractable screen, surround sound speakers and a projector in the balcony area. Now, nearly two years on we have a state-of-the-art projection facility which will give local young people and other movie-goers a real 21st century movie experience.

Cinema Fundraising Cheques

Publicity shot of the cheques we received.

Some opinions from users 2007-2010

“The films are really good and I would definitely go again.”



‘We enjoy going to the Forres Town Hall.  We like the movies and how it brings the schools together including some of the Academy children.  We are looking forward to the next movies.


‘Town Hall is a good venue’



‘I think the cinema is a great idea because it’s great for people who don’t have access to cinema in Elgin and Inverness’


New Cinema Seating

New Cinema Seating